The 7.0 version of our button creator

We have released version 7.0 of our My Cool Button Online Generator. Many new features have been introduced, in order to further improve the quality of generated buttons, to increase the available features and the graphic elements available in the library (characters and icons).

But here it is a list of the main changes marking version 7.0:

  • Finally available a feature to generate sprite images, usable with CSS code for rollover effects
  • css sprites creator, for your rollover effects without javascript
  • Added several icons in the library
  • News on available fonts with the introduction of boldfont

The cornerstone of these new generators is they are fast and easy to use. As a matter of fact, one of the main features of our software is how fast you can create and download on your PC the generated graphic elements. Another important feature is the quality of generated buttons.

With My Cool Button you can easily create online graphic elements with details and effects which you could only obtain with high-level graphic software - as it is Photoshop.


Here some example:

texturized button style
3d buy now button generator 3d shape download button generator 3d rss feeds button generator search button generator twitter follow us button generator facebook like button generator
  • 3d shape
  • Dimensions up to 270 x 120
showcase of 3d button maker

CSS sprites generator

We have added the css sprites generation for your rollover effects whitout any javascript.
Here some examples:

You can add this code to add the rollover effects to you generated buttons:

/* css sprites demo */
div#sprite div {
	background:url(sprite.png) 0 -111px no-repeat;

div#sprite div:hover,
div#sprite div.iehover {
	background:url(sprite.png) 0 0 no-repeat;

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